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American True Training

Well, here I am. In America. I started a three month long work practice apprenticeship at Green Gulch Farm, in Northern California. The first time I came to Green Gulch, about three or so years ago, I said it felt like meeting my birth mother for the first time, after being put up for adoption and raised by a different parent (that would be the Japanese monastic system). In encountering American Zen, especially in Northern California where I was born and raised, there is a feeling of immediate connection, of familiarity, of desperately wanting to be loved and understood, alongside a bittersweet understanding that I am already grown up, and it's too late for my birth mother to be a real mother to me. She was not around in my difficult formative years, and I'm basically grown now. So I do feel very bittersweet about it.

Many people this week have asked me how Japanese Zen training is different than American Zen. It's the most common question people ask me. I'm getting be…