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Intentions For Dark Times

A few months ago, after the attacks in Paris I wrote a blog post called "How I Cope When The World's Fucked Up." And lo, how little things have changed! In fact, it seems doomsday is even more neigh than ever, what with the RNC circus/ Hell's Mouth yawning open before us, spewing sulfur into the air. Two nights ago I couldn't sleep and was awake talking to my partner in bed. "Which is more horrific and evil," I asked, "Shooting an unarmed black man lying on the ground with his hands in the air who was trying to help his autistic patient, or bombing and killing 32 children in Syria?"

There is no way to answer this question, of course, because horror is not quantifiable. What do we do in this kind of political climate? How do we stay sane in the midst of overwhelming ignorance, bigotry, and rising sea levels? What do we do with the feeling that we can't actually change things? The question I am really asking, of course, is how do we become …