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Why Sit Zazen?

Hello gentle readers, it's been a long time. I live in Los Angeles now, with my partner, in a beautiful apartment with lots of sunlight, and christmas lights that twinkle at night. We have a small potted palm, a basil plant, and a shelf for my tea bowls. I go to University of Southern California and study Japanese, Chinese, and East Asian history. I am a teaching assistant for about 50 undergrads. Such is life, I guess.

On Thursday nights we host zazen dinner parties for our friends, which is just people I like coming by to sit zazen and eat a meal. It is low-key and warm and non-dogmatic. Next week I will hopefully be starting a zazen group for women at my school (I want to buy zafus for this group, so if you can donate something, I would be most grateful!). Talking to the administration about this group and trying to get it started, I was struck by how many doubts I have (still!) about the importance of zazen. I have to think of a name and focus for the group, and I keep wonder…