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Does feminism have a role in Buddhism?

This is a paper I wrote for my feminist theory class about whether or not Western feminists should judge other cultures. It's long and has big words in it. 

Phantom Imaginings of the Hegemonized: The Problem of Renunciation in the Study of Buddhist Women

We would sleep on the floor on futons laid out side-by-side, so close that if we rolled over in our sleep we would end up touching the nun sleeping next to us. I remember waking up once and seeing Senju-san beside me, her shaved head pressed against her own futon as she prostrated. Before sleeping and getting out of bed we were instructed to do three full bows, starting in standing and then lowering down to touch our foreheads to the floor. I remember seeing her and how even in the darkness, some light reflected off her white kimono and onto her bald head.In the convent, we were all supposed to wear white kimono to sleep, but only Senju-san and a few other nuns did this. The rest of us wore pajamas, because they were easier and mo…