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Karma: Cosmic Re-gifting for the Whole Family

I think one of the biggest lies Buddhism teaches is about karma. The lie is not that karma exists, but that we can know when and exactly how it will "ripen." There are many scriptures and writings you can read detailing what results from specific actions; for example, in the ancient Indian system, being a thief led to deformed nails or black teeth. Dogen also explicitly instructs repentance to correct bad karma.

It is probably my *karma* as the child of two medical professionals that I don't think getting cancer is caused by bad karma. I also don't really believe in future lives. Or, who knows.

This week I got back from a long trip to Japan, where I did some research for my master's thesis and completed Zuise, the final step in dharma transmission, in which you visit both Eiheiji and Sojiji to be "abbot for a day." "Zuise" means "auspicious occasion for coming out in the world," and it is supposed to signify moving into some kind o…