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Through the Eye of a Needle

Before I start-- a few exciting things about my book(s). My first book--halfway between a memoir and dharma book-- will be called Bow First, Ask Questions Later: Ordination, Love, and Zen in Japan. It's due to come out May 2018. And, I'm not quite ready to announce the publisher yet, but I will be signing this month for my second book, a Japanese cookbook and meditation on the philosophy of "just enough." That should be out in the fall of 2019, if all goes to plan. 
As I struggled this week through book deals, contracts, part-time jobs, and watched the train wreck that is our political system take a bizarre and unexpectedly pleasant detour into "don't fuck with female senators" land (while still being, by all objective accounts, a train wreck), I found myself thinking about Jesus. Odd, really, because I've never believed in the God of Abraham and was never all that interested in what Jesus has said, even the good and noble things. But as I watched …