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There are two excellent reviews of my new book online. James Ford reviews it on his blog, here:

And Lion's Roar has reviewed it as well. I'm pretty sure it's only available in a real, paper version.

You can pre-order now, either on Amazon or from Wisdom Publications itself.

In the Lokavipatta Sutta, the Buddha warned against praise and fame:

Monks, these eight worldly conditions spin after the world, and the world spins after these eight worldly conditions. Which eight? Gain, loss, status, disgrace, censure, praise, pleasure, & pain. These are the eight worldly conditions that spin after the world, and the world spins after these eight worldly conditions.

But also.... wooooooooooo reviews! I'm famous!


  1. Greetings Gesshin!

    Congratulations. Looking forward to reading your book. Been waiting for it's release. And thank you for the "Eight Worldly Concerns" quote. I was wondering recently what sutra it was from. Now I know! ;)

    Limitless bows,
    jampa (aka sherab, aka cesar) lol :)

  2. Dear Gesshin,
    I just got your book last week and I wanted to share an experience I had with it.
    The night that I started it, I got so engaged in it that I read almost two- thirds of the book. I wanted to read more but worried that the only reason I was enjoying it was because it was an escape from life. I looked at the clock and admonished myself for spending the evening avoiding the present.
    As I walked back to my bedroom with your book in my hand, I replayed the evening in my head- trying to notice what I was feeling and discovered: connection.
    That was what had engaged me all night- the feeling of being like another.
    I thought you would appreciate that.
    Shannon Bryant

    1. Hi Shannon. I meant to reply to this when I read it initially and lost track of time. I teared up when I read your comment. I'm so glad you appreciated my book and felt connection because of it.

  3. Dear Gesshin, i finished your book about a week ago, it has been like a sister, like a very good friend. Reading your story I have unadvertedly made a new sense of mine, a sense that is more understanding and loving of my life and of all lives.
    I sort of miss it now that i finished it, but it is like missing a friend, the friendship is still there.
    Thank you so much for it.

    1. Hi Santi. Thank you so much for this. I love what you have written. I'm so glad my book could be a friend to you.


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