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Out of the sidewalks, into the streets

I arrived early to the protest at McKesson Plaza, but by ten minutes before noon a small crowd had already gathered, filling most of the tiny space in between intersecting streets. Protest organizers were speaking into a microphone. Members of the crowd interrupted: “People are dying! They don’t have food or medicine!” It was hot and I could feel the sun bearing down on my pale cheeks. Someone was handing out pre-made signs and I took one gratefully. One voice became two, then three, until it overtook us and we were all chanting “Close the camps, close the camps” and then “close the camps now, close the camps now.” I looked out into the intersection of Montgomery and Market street. Protesters had spilled out a little bit into the crosswalk, and other people with signs had already filled up the sidewalk across the street. “Why don’t we block traffic?” I thought. People are dying. Children are dying. There are enough of us. They can’t hurt us if there are this many of us. I felt agitat…